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01 October 2008

Hey there!


I know the site hasn't advanced much lately. Actually I have guests at home for the 4 or so past weeks and I won't be able to work at a good pace before another week.


However, there has been some good improvements available from the subversion repository. Mainly some fixes allowing scrollings and objects movements. There was some old buggy code preventing smooth rotations and scrolling to happen. It's now fixed and everything should move very smoothly on screen. All tutorial binaries should be updated by the evening (on svn).

There are also a couple of new features and improvements (like oriented bounding box, clock enhancements, visual studio 2008 project dependencies fix, cursor hiding, etc...). Picking functions will also appear soon.


I also spent a couple of hours working on a music/art/game experiment, with a friend (I'm just coding here, design is not mine). It's called Drops and I'll probably post more about it next week here and in the forum. Right now there's an early functional build, but I'd rather have a better UI before showing it publicly.

Expect also a new release of orx within the next 2/3 weeks. I wanted to wait to add an advanced tutorial before next release, but as I didn't have *any* feedback about the already existing basic ones, I'm not sure it's worth to wai for the new tutorial before doing another release.

See you all!

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