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Molyjam 2012
07 April 2012

Last week end took place molyjam 2012. A game jam based on @petermolydeux tweets.


I actually used orx (and Scroll) to build a prototype game for two players with my friend Mark Cooke.

We named it Breaktris and it got quite a lot of unexpected attention over the last week and got mentioned on sites such as KotakuEdge and IndieGames.


Here's the link to the prototype page if you're curious to try it by yourself (windows, linux and os x).


Not sure what we're going to do with in in the future but it was sure a nice and fun experience to create it! Smile




- iarwain


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Some new community tutorials to celebrate 2012!
16 January 2012

Hi everybody!


Well, first of all we wish you all a happy new year 2012, a bit late, as usual. Embarassed


Now some news: we have some new interesting community tutorials, here are some details about the most recent ones.


Grey has added a much useful tutorial for those who want to compile orx from source. As you'll see it's pretty straightforward and doesn't require any real work at all. You can find this tutorial here.


I also added my first community tutorial about off-screen rendering/compositing with a simple two-pass 2D lighting example. Here it is!


And don't forget to check other very useful community tutorials made by sausage, tdomhan, newton64 and laschweinski. You can find them all here.


Finally, a big thank you to all of you who have contributed to the wiki and to the forum.

It's really nice to see the community shaping up and growing. We hope it's going to expand even more this year!


If you have any questions/comments, as usual, please let us know!



- iarwain


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Distance Field Ray Marching
26 September 2011

Last Friday we had a Graphics Jam at work to try new rendering techniques/stuff. Most of the participants went to try hardware tessellation or compute shaders with DirectCompute but I tried to do some distance field ray marching.


I've been tempted to try it for a while since I read IQ's Rendering Worlds With Two Triangles. As we only had one day to work on it, I thought I'd use orx as a base framework. My entry is very basic compared to what you can find using that technique on internet, especially when looking at some demoscene prods, but I'm no graphics programmer. =)


I'm simply posting some screenshots here to show that even if orx is a 2D-oriented engine, you can still do nice looking 3D stuff with it without too much trouble. 


Unfortunately the soft shadow rendering didn't work on my work computer, so the screenshots won't have any shadows. I'll try to post new ones from home if I remember.

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Gravity for Android, by Lyde Sik
26 June 2011

Lyde Sik released a couple of weeks ago what I believe to be the first game on the Android market made with orx. You can find the game here.

If you have any comment, don't hesitate to post in the forum here. =)




- iarwain 

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Pretty colors
25 June 2011

Orx's svn history on sourceforge (2005-2011), visualized with gourcehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3YPOWcF5ug

Orx actually started a couple of years before 2005 but I don't have anything to feed gource for those dark times. =)

Music: Wavelet by AndyGun (CC).

- iarwain


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