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Box2D 2.1.2 and cie
06 December 2010

Well, upgrading orx to use Box2D 2.1.2 was part of a bigger task which was to add joint supports (including config control) to orx.


Unfortunately it didn't work that well and upgrading to Box2D 2.1.2 turned out to be far more time consuming than expected. Mostly due to API changes on Box2D side (grmbl) and re-integrating the changes I made in the previous version to support per object custom gravity and bodies that don't slide on ground.


But now it should be (hopefully properly) integrated. I haven't compiled, msvs2010, msvs2005, mac and iPhone versions so if you sync orx's svn you might have to compile these yourself. Mingw, msvs2008 and linux are up-to-date.


Also, orx is now being compiled on the svn with gcc 4.5.0 for mingw (previously I was using gcc 3.4.5) so you might want to upgrade your mingw installation if you're still using a gcc 3.x version. Don't use gcc 4.4.x as it's buggy and produce invalid code in different places (one example would be wrong results in orxFX computations).


Finally, I'm about to update the UseParentSpace config property as mentioned in this forum post, so you might want to update your project if you sync orx's svn. You might want to read the whole thread as it contains useful info about recent changes concerning ParentCamera/Scale/Position for UI objects!


That's all, folks!


- iarwain


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Community update
26 November 2010

Lately orx has mostly improved due to its community (lazy me!).


Some improvements are code-related and you can follow their advance in the forum. Thanks again to tdomhan and laschweinski for their involvement. It's very motivating to see new features/ports coming from the community. I'm really looking forward the next release where all their work should be integrated.


At least as important as code improvement, some tutorials were added by sausage. I can only recommend them for newcomers as well as more experienced users as they are more about how to use orx for doing advanced tasks than simply understanding orx's basics.


Thanks also to Grey who contributed to some quality tutorials starting with the very beginning: how to setup your workspace in order to be able to use orx.


You can find all those tutorials on the community tutorial page.


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First game made with orx available on app store!
26 September 2010

Congrats to JTianLing for the first iPhone/iPad game made with orx to be released on the app store! Cool


It's called Running Mouse and you can check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/running-mouse/id392464526


I'm very thrilled to see a game made with orx on the app store and I hope there'll be a bunch of others coming soon! Smile


Orx v1.2 has been released!
20 July 2010

And you can find it here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/orx/files/orx/orx - 1.2 (1984)/


 You can find more info about the latest changes in the forum or the full list directly from the CHANGELOG file.

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Welcome to China!
05 July 2010

As you might have seen, orx's wiki is in the process of being translated to Chinese.


The translation effort is done by a team led by JTianLing.


A new board has been opened in the forum for the Chinese community. This board will be moderated by JTianLing. 


On a totally unrelated note, orx v1.2 will probably released during next week end if I get a replacement video card in the next few days as mine died last week. The code is ready, it just need packaging on all the available platforms. Laughing


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